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Corn flaking and Oil processing

Corn flaking lines

Corn flaking is the process in which corn is processed and flaked in order to increase its digestibility, which helps milk cows increase their milk production, we can supply turn-key solutions for corn flaking lines with latest in the technology, from Europe or Turkey.

The quality of steam chamber is crucial in flaking, that is why in our dryers corn is steam-conditioned based on several temperature, time and moisture parameters. A special steam distribution system applies the saturated steam to the products from several points to ensure even distribution. The amount of steam used varies according to the type of grain. Increasing the humidity facilitates the gelatinization of the grain during flaking.

Oil extraction and full fat lines
If you are looking to extract oil or produce full fat, high fat, by mechanical extrusion or solvant and you want to produce top quality product, we can help you with our advanced solutions from Europe, United states of America, or Turkey, with any capacity required and with less electrical power than our competitors.