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Who we are

Srag & Rizk trade history goes back to 1981 at the very beginning of the feedmill industry in Egypt, our history started when Eng. Srag Abdou helped install most of the government feedmills from Alexanria to Assuit, since then we were at the forefront of Innovation in feedmill technology, helping hundreds of clients build their dreams and advancing the Egyptian feed sector forward.

When the new millennium started, Srag & Rizk pushed the Egyptian feedmills further to the future by installing the first aquatic extrusion line in Egypt and Africa: Zoo control ( now known as Aller Aqua ), which changed the face of the Aquatic feed sector by introducing the extruder to the market which was relying only on the pelletmill to produce low quality sinking aquatic feed instead of extruder superior feed quality.

In the same period we introduced to the feedmilling sector a Turkish manufacturer for the first time ever: Yemmak, that changed the face of the industry forever, and it was the first time in Egyptian history that a non-European company install a turn-key factory.

Yemmak helped – back then – new companies to start their journey to the top, such as Wadi feed and Feedmix Egypt.

Srag & Rizk achievements didn’t stop there, we also introduced for the first time ever our Turkish cooker lines in the poultry processing industry, competing with big European companies who dominated the market at the time, and until now we are
still competing in this sector serving reputable companies in the market such as Atyab with Yemmak’s high quality cooker.

A few years later we built the most advanced premix plant in Egypt which was considered a big breakthrough in the industry.

Not only Srag and Rizk made important projects in the following years but through this long journey we also organized some of the most important seminars in the Egyptian feedmilling sector, which helped educate and update many participants, because we believe that our mission is not just helping investors and entrepreneurs reach their goals, we also have a duty to educate the people behind these companies big or small, and this is part of our services to the Egyptian industry, and we hope that we continue make a change in the market for many years to come.

Government feedmill, 1989
Graf in Egyptian fair, 1992
90 ton turn-key project - El Eman
Our Mission
To serve the Egyptian market by supplying the latest technologies in the feedmilling, bagging weighers, premix, oil extraction, flaking, pet food and poultry processing industries.
Our Vision
The client comes first, only through great after sales service we can serve the Egyptian market.
Our Ambition
To remain the market leader and exceed our clients expectations.
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