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Aquatic And Poultry Feed Mills

Spare parts for chain conveyors, bucket elevators, hammermills and pluckers 

If your factory have chain conveyors, elevators, hammermills or pluckers we can supply high quality chains, buckets and rubber fingers for all types of applications from Europe or Turkey

Still considered as the Turkish leader in poultry and animal feedmill equipment in Turkey and the Middleeast region since 20 years, its equipment is EU certified and the most imported by European countries from Turkey, with 55 years of experience. Yemmak also specializes in production of corn flaking, poultry cooker lines, aquatic feed, premix and full fat equipment.
One of the oldest and most wide-spread feedmill equipment manufacturers in Europe with over 60 years of experience, the La Meccanica pelletmill is famous for being a robust, heavy duty machine, combining reliability with ease of operation, they have been serving the Egyptian market since 1991 with over 70 different machines spread from Alexandria to Sohag, they are also specialized in producing wood pelleting lines and some aquatic feed equipment.

A leader in grinding systems with 60 years of experience in the industry, their equipment are famous for its robust built and advanced features, they proved that grinding can be an art not just a production process, the tietjen hammermill ensures homogeneous grinding at desired mesh and capacity, saving electricity in the same time compared to many competitor mills, whether your application is biomass, petfood, animal feed or aquatic feed, Tietjen has the right system for your needs.


Silo monitoring systems

Many factories suffer great losses on yearly basis due to spoilage of corn or soybeans inside storage silos, because most factories are only using standard aeration systems, thats when we step in, with our advanced silo monitoring solutions from iGrain we can monitor Co2, moisture and temperature completely automatic and remote, which improves quality and reduces losses significantly.


With over 60 years of experience Graf is a leader in production of chrome steel dies and rollers for all types of pelletmills, we are proud to serve over 70 factories annually, working in the Egyptian market since 1988. What makes our dies special is our long life time compared to other dies, we also guarantee to make the best of your pelletmill motor power with our gun-drilled smooth hole surface and unique hole design, our dies maximize production capacity using less motor power than competition.


When innovation and technology are mentioned, the wenger extruder is what first comes to anyone’s mind, over 90 years of experience and first class after sales service making them the undisputed leader producer of aquatic and petfood extrusion equipment, with over 30 years of leadership in the Egyptian market we are proud to help our clients produce top quality feed with least production costs, they are also the owners of Maverick systems and Extru-tech inc.

Vaccum or Fat coaters

We can supply vaccum and fat coaters for aquatic feedmills with any capacity required, from Europe or Turkey.